Rhude collection of sweatshirts Summary of Privacy

At Rhudehoodie.store, we value the security and privacy of your data very highly. We collect and process some personal data in order to provide you with a fantastic shopping experience and guarantee that the items you order arrive at their destination. Several areas of our privacy policy will be highlighted in this privacy overview, which also includes information on the kinds of data we collect, how we acquire it, and why. It will also outline your rights regarding your data and the requests you can make to us regarding your data.

Rhudehoodie.store gathers your personal data.

The following sources provide us with your personal information:

We obtain your personal information when you purchase a subscription to the Rhude collection. In order to remember your preferences, send you the appropriate Merch Alert messages, and expedite the checkout process, we ask for some personal information from you when you sign up for an account on Rhude collection, provide your email address to follow artists, or create a guest account during checkout. When you use the rhude collection website and app, the following personal information is gathered: This qualifies as Registration Information, as defined in Section 2.1 of our Privacy Policy. As you surf the website, we may compile personal data about your online activities, such as the pages you visited and the items you placed to your shopping cart.

Our parts 2.2 and 2.6

When you checkout, your shipping and payment information is collected so that we can fulfil any orders you place for rhude collection products and contact you if there are any problems. This topic is covered in Sections 2.3 and 2.4 of our Privacy Statement as well as other places.

Why does the Rhude collection gather and use this personal data?

We employ and gather your private data for the following functions:

to fulfil your orders and deliver the goods; to adapt how you interact with the Rhude collection; and to help you find feasible purchases; by observing how you use the Rhude collection site, you may keep track of its technical functionality and use this data to enhance the site.

to target and deliver ads in accordance with any permissions you have granted us or revoked, to stop fraud or greater potentially illegal activity, to enforce our Terms of Service, to deliver technical support, to respond to inquiries from users, and to communicate with you for Rhude collection-related motives, such as confirmations of orders and shipping notifications.

To inform users of changes to The Rhude collection, to request feedback to improve The Rhude collection services and goods, to tailor your user experience, to enforce our Terms of Service, to target and deliver promotion, consistent with the permissions you have given us or revoked, and for other lawful business purposes as specified in the Privacy Policy.

Why was my personal data shared and transmitted via Rhude collection?

In order to process payments, provide items, analyse data, send emails, host our website, or provide customer service, we may share your information with third parties. Your personal information may be shared with third parties with headquarters outside of your home country by The Rhude collection, or it may be processed by them under a subcontract. Therefore, your personal information can be covered by privacy regulations that are different from those in the nation you presently call home. We employ the same security precautions outlined in our privacy policy regardless of where your information is processed. Please see Section 5 of our privacy statement for further details.

How can I restrict how my private data can be utilised through Rhude collection?

Please contact us at support@rhudehoodie.store if you wish to exercise any of these rights in regards to your own personal data.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, complaints, or worries regarding how we handle your personal information, send an email to support@rhudehoodie.store.